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Letter to Your School Board, Employer, etc.

With everything going on surrounding the events as of lately, I know that a lot of us minority parents, staff, colleagues, etc. are at a lost of the silence from our supervisors, school districts, etc. This letter was sent to our local school district but I wanted to share with you all. It can be adapted for use for your school district, employer, or whoever you feel necessary.

If you are a behavior analyst, I would recommend using the one created by Beautiful Humans - The Social ChangeCast which you can find here

Dear __________,

I am reaching out to gain an understanding of what (Insert Organization Name Here) is doing to make a statement regarding the recent events of the killings of unarmed black women and men, most recently George Floyd; and the protests and outrage going on around the world.

I need to know what you are doing to support your minority (Students/Staff). What are you doing to teach your (students/staff) the effects of systemic racism and implicit bias? What is your stance and your statement on the issue?

Please get back to me with a response as soon as possible.


Your Name(s)

My email, included this as well:

My children attend your school district and they are black children. My daughter is in middle school and she sees the news invading her free time on her computer. She sees what is going on in the world and is confused and upset just like the rest of us. 

I know that this school district is predominantly white but I need to know that my tax dollars spent are being used to address these issues as well.

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