More About Vanessa

Vanessa is pursuing her doctorate of philosophy in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and currently holds a Master of Arts in Applied Psychology with a concentration in ABA, a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, and an Associate's degree in Business Administration.


Vanessa has dedicated her time to working with individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities with or without a co-occurring mental illness. She is passionate about providing quality and effective ABA services to this population. In addition to this, Vanessa provides coaching and mentoring to other individuals starting their own ABA practices throughout the state of NJ and PA. Vanessa also teaches courses in behavior analysis at the college level.


In the past, she has worked as a Director of Behavior Support Services for an adult residential facility and their day programs as well as a Behavior Analyst consultant in the homes of youth and adults.  She has presented at conferences in Sweden, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Lastly, Vanessa has utilized components of school-wide positive behavior support and applied them to a juvenile detention center during a practicum experience.

Vanessa has research interests in the dissemination of behavior analysis through juvenile justice and criminal justice research and the application of applied behavior analysis to juvenile detention centers. 


  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

  • PA Licensed Behavior Specialist


Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) Provider


  • CEO and Founder of 3 agencies

  • Co-Founder of a non-profit

  • Author

  • Mentor/Coach

  • Speaker